How Much Money Do You Want?

3rd September 2020

A relatively easy question isn’t it? Yet, when asked in the context of an interview people tend to clam up.

– Do I say what I really want?
– Should I say more knowing they may knock me down?
– Maybe I should say less as I don’t think the interview went well?!

My advice is to try and do the following…

– If have gone through a recruiter say “I would feel more comfortable if you ask my recruiter. He / she knows what I am on and what I am looking for”. This helps alleviate any pressure on you – it’s unlikely the interviewer will push you.

What if they do push?

– Be honest. Say “I am currently earning XXX. Ideally I would be looking for an increase to justify a move, however for me the role and opportunity to develop is of most importance”. No one wants to hear ‘its all about the money!’

So, how much more is an ‘increase’?

– I’d say ‘Well, I’m hoping you can determine what you think I am worth based on my experience, however from my research I think an increase of 10-15% is fair’.

Always try and keep it loose. We see too many people state a firm number. It’s very hard to go up / or down after this.

Good luck.

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