What On Earth is a Competency Based Interview?

31st August 2020

A question we are often asked.

Mostly used in the final stages, in the following ways. Competency based interviews are used as a way to predict future performance.


This refers to personal attributes like; decisiveness, tenacity, knowledge, risk taking and integrity.

Question: Tell me about a time when your work was challenged?

Your ability to take charge; leadership, empowerment, strategic thinking, corporate sensitivity, project management and control.

Question: Tell me about a time you led a group to achieve?

Decision making abilities; innovation, analytical skills, problem solving, practical learning and attention to detail

Question: Tell me about a time when you identified a new approach to a problem?

Social competence. Most workplaces function in teams, the more collaborative you are, the more likely you will thrive.

Question: Describe a situation where you got people to work together?

Things that drive you; resilience, motivation, result orientation, initiative and quality focus.

Question: When did you work the hardest and feel the greatest sense of achievement?

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