The Growth of Digital & Technology Sectors

27th August 2020

The growth of Digital & Technology sectors is accelerating at an incredible pace in Dubai, and the COVID pandemic is speeding it up.

Tech stocks are at an all-time high. Digital transformation and innovation are hot topics.

For many businesses, it’s digitize or die. But what skill sets are in demand and flourishing through the COVID Period?

Digital Transformation & CX.
COVID has accelerated the need for companies to transform and respond to a considerable change in customer behaviour. I see various industries go through digitalisation. Banks and Government seem to be leading the way.

Software Development.
In my opinion, the most in-demand skill set. Over the next five years, the global workforce is predicted to absorb around 149 million new technology-oriented jobs. 98 millions of those jobs are expected to be in Software Development (Source Microsoft data science)

Experience Design.
My favourite space! How we as customers buy products and engage in services has completely changed during COVID. Service Design and Product Design are helping business navigate through this change.

Understanding Data will allow companies to make informed decisions about the future.

What are your thoughts?

What are other skill sets in demand or growth areas are you seeing?

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