How Can I Stand Out?!

10th August 2020

I recently posted on LinkedIn that despite C-19 MCG&Co are pretty busy across Hong Kong & Singapore – both offices having seen an increase in committed roles across a range of disciplines and across a variety of verticals.

The good news is that these appear pretty spread out proving that a number of sectors are showing signs of recovery, or are simply hedging their bets by sourcing talent now rather that when the market fully bounces back. A clever way to beat the rush to talent and hopefully allows them to carefully select the best in market now.

So, if you’re looking for work, what advice can I offer you to make sure that you are seen, and heard?

– Have a perfect CV. No one wants a CV riddled with errors, spelling mistakes or waffle. 2 pages, nice and slick.

– Why you? What makes you unique, but also relevant for the role that you are applying for?

– Research. Research the role that you are applying for – if it has clear requirements that you MUST have, highlight them, but don’t be offended if you don’t make the cut.

– Online profile. Needs to be on-point. And yes, that goes for all forms of your social profile, not just LinkedIn.

– Don’t give up. Keep applying, messaging and reaching out – eventually someone will respond. Hiring managers are unlikely to be waiting for your email in this market.

– Choose your recruiter carefully. Work with an expert in your field. You wouldn’t ask a random man on the street to paint your house would you?

– Be flexible. It’s unlikely in this market you will be getting a 20% pay increase, so unless you are working within a high demand sector set realistic financial goals.

– Be open. The ideal job is unlikely to be out there in 2020, so be open minded about what is being presented – you never know where it might lead.

Be persistent. Work with those that inspire and push you. Stay resilient and self-assured (but understand that you are ALWAYS still learning). The market continues to throw us all curve balls so get prepared – anything can happen, and it often does!

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