Employable A* Candidates

10th August 2020

Here is what our highly employable A* candidates do to stand out.

– Manage themselves
Top performers know when to involve others in their decision-making process. They also anticipate challenges and provide potential solutions before being told what to do.

– Ask for feedback
Highly employable people are not scared of feedback, they ask for it because they know it’s crucial to their evolution.

– Know their worth
They know what they bring to the table – you have to value your experience and expertise if you want an employer to.

– Elevate others and value relationships
Valuable people aim to provide value. They are team players who don’t perceive relationships in terms of what they can get, but how they support.

– Trust their intuition
In business, things often have to be quantifiable. Highly employable people never underestimate the power of their gut feeling, it’s an edge.

– Take ownership
Performers don’t waste their energy on placing blame. They look at their role in a conflict or situation and aim to move forward productively.

– Perceptive and know when to listen
Most employable people are able to assess all the factors at play in a given situation and gather insight from observing and listening.

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