Data Science In The Desert

11th February 2019

A month into the new year and you can’t help but think time has never moved more quickly. Here’s a small overview of the vast changes data has brought and will continue to bring into the Middle East this 2019.

As one of the hottest tech careers in the world, it is no surprise that data science careers have been on the rise in the Middle East as well. The simplest explanation for this is because of the rise in data-driven decision making in technical and non-technical businesses.

According to the National, the average age of the UAE workforce is under 30 and with the buzz on the fourth industrial revolution, this year will definitely be about Data Science, AI, Data Analytics, Cyber Security as these will be the future areas of demand.

Data driven strategies have especially made an impact on the UAE’s smart-city vision. Experts say that Dubai has already launched a number of smart city initiatives to address challenges regarding sustainability, job generation, infrastructure and environmental quality.

According to the recent SAP and Oxford Economics Digital Transformation Executive Study, “In the MENA region, over 70 per cent of digitally-leading organizations are investing in AI and Machine Learning, Big Data and Analytics, and Cloud in 2018”. And so, smart cities that adopt these technologies can drive diversified economic growth and attract top talent in the new year.

What is MCG&Co’s advice in order to compete successfully in this market? Be head strong about your learning process, educate and update yourself with the trends in the market because at the end of the day, an older workforce is all about stability and security and a younger workforce is all about the opportunities.

So, are you a data enthusiast and an expert in the field of Data Science, Analytics, AI or Cyber Security? Then reach out to the team at MCG&Co and forward your updated resume to me at

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