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14th June 2018

Yes, you read it right – Glocal – the combination of Global and Local in one word. What do I mean by it? In the context of talent, I’m referring to Local talent than can perform at Global level.

In a City-State like Singapore, where Agencies and Corporations from every sector (tech, media, e-commerce, etc) tend to have a regional scope, Glocal talent is a big thing. With close to 5.8 million inhabitants, and an expat population that is continuously decreasing, we thrive on finding local talent that has what it takes. It’s not always easy. As a specialized Recruitment Agency working across the communications sector, our industry has been dominated by global networks that historically have been led by well-seasoned expats; leading to an unspoken believe that the best talent comes from abroad.

But the industry is changing, and Agencies are taking actions to challenge the status quo with a refreshing new approach to their talent development. They are growing their local talent, investing in them from the moment they are fresh out of University, exposing them to top quality work and pushing them to be the best they can be. This takes time, but that investment is starting to pay off not only for the Agency that did the investment, but to the overall landscape. how? There are a number of local Agencies that have been founded by local talent that was groomed in the global powerhouses and are now competing head to head in every pitch. They are now grooming their own generation of talent that is 100% Glocal.

Talent doesn’t have a nationality or a race, talent only requires opportunity and a market that is willing to make good use of it. Singapore welcomes talent from all over the world, but by no means will slow down on its Glocal talent development efforts, and this is a good thing.

We love talent, and we will continue to work hand in hand with great Local talent, because we believe that this region will not only stand next to the historical hubs across the world (New York, London, Paris) but soon, it’s talent will be in demand all over the globe. And we will be right there to represent it.

So if you are Singaporean, and great at what you do, stand out. Do not wait for tomorrow, start today. Every opportunity available to network and to showcase your work, it’s an opportunity you should not miss – attend the awards, speak your mind and voice your opinions about the industry and your role in it. We need to know who you are and what you stand for – so you need to create the content and take control of the narrative. You might think that there is a lot of content out there and that your voice will be diluted; nothing further from the truth – the good ones, the exceptional ones, always stand out – your voice will be heard, and you (most likely) will receive a call from me.

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