Are you a T-Shaped creative……?

12th June 2018

Working in creative recruitment for the past few years I have seen the landscape change and move down different avenues, from what agencies were looking for then and what they are looking for now. Creativity is, “The use of imagination or original ideas to create something”. That “something” is forever changing and to keep up you need to be well versed in not just one area now.

I have seen many changes, as I am sure you all have in the last few years, but it is becoming more and more popular for agencies asking (and it’s not a new metaphor) for T-Shaped creatives. In the last ten briefs I received from agencies in Singapore this was the case. Whether it is a UX Designer that has an understanding across activation and campaign driven work or vice-versa, or even a strategist that has a unique way of thinking about a campaign and bringing a different element of creativity to an idea or the way it is executed. No longer can you just work in one vertical. You need to hone in on one and master that craft and at least have an understanding of other channels whether it be content, digital, social, experiential, UX or service design, so on and so forth.

With the industry changing on a daily basis and agencies having to keep up and be able to differentiate themselves in the market, it is hugely important to invest in this kind of “T-Shaped” talent, not just in creatives but also client servicing and strategy. Employees that can turn their hand to any part of the agency and bring a different outlook to ideas is extremely valuable.

If you are in the ever-changing world of advertising and reading this, see where you can broaden your horizons within the agency you are in, learn something new outside of the office, understand a different aspect of the business. This is more important now than it ever was before.

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