The Hottest Tech Jobs in 2018

4th June 2018

The tech industry continues to thrive, with digital transformations taking place across all sectors.

With the talent gap widening and demand for qualified candidates going strong, the tech job market looks promising for those looking to advance their career. This is especially true for those with experience in the spots we’ve identified as heating up even more this year.

Whilst our list of hotspots might not seem new, it demonstrates ongoing digital transformation and data at the heart of demand. Software development skills are core to most of the areas where we expect to see opportunity.


Cyber Security Specialists

With cyber threats ever-evolving and constant reports of data breaches, larger organisations, in particular, are looking to hire Cyber Security Specialists to be at the frontline of their cyber defense. The finance, insurance, utilities and retail industries are all competing for top talent in these areas.


BI Analysts/ Data Migration Analysts

As companies continue to invest in protecting, managing and exploiting their big data, candidates with technology specific skills are sought after. For example, many government departments want SAP data migration skills to help identify and manage data migration interdependencies.


Data Scientists/ Head of Data Science

Data is the new corporate currency, as advancing digitisation sweeps every horizontal and vertical market across the world. The impact on the data science sector is far-reaching and, as a result, a range of new roles and skillsets will continue to be in demand.

With the size of data growing exponentially, and machine learning and predictive analytics increasing in popularity, it is important that an organisation has someone to lead their strategy. A broad skillset will be required across data science’s core elements: technology, statistics and stakeholder engagement.


DevOps Professionals

The growing demand in this area to create scalable environments leans more towards scripting and building adaptable environments. Organisations are pushing for quick builds and deployments and therefore rely on competent Engineers with in-depth scripting skills who can take a holistic view of technical environments.


JavaScript Developers

JavaScript Developers will also be highly sought as growth in momentum and popularity continues. This is perhaps the hottest skill Developers need to upskill in for the year ahead. There is a particular shortage of Developers who have built applications with these technologies in a commercial environment, particularly Node.JS, Angular.JS & React.JS.


UX/ UI Developers/ Designers

Organisations, small and large, continue to focus on devising their strategies and improving their customer experience. With social media providing a public platform for customers to voice their experience and a shift in understanding the value of nurturing existing customers, organisations will strive to create the best user experience for end customers.


It’s not just native digital organisations embracing the latest transformative technologies, more traditional organisations are making strategic investments to ensure that they remain relevant in the digital world. If you’ve got what it takes to help them on their journey, it’s likely you’ll find yourself in the driver’s seat this year.

Feel free to have a look at the MCG&Co website to see if any of our live positions are of interest to you and you can either apply directly or contact the relevant consultant.

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