Dubai today, Hong Kong tomorrow

23rd January 2018

I’ve been in the Middle East for 5 years and I have loved (nearly) every minute of it. I have developed as a professional and also personally in many ways which I could not of experienced if I had stayed in the UK.

When I joined MCG&, we were a one office recruitment consultancy with two brands. Two years later we are a four-brand disruptive business with offices in Dubai, London, Singapore and Hong Kong. It is this ambition that I love about the company and when I was asked by my CEO (Justin) to hop on a plane and check out Hong Kong as a potential place to work and live, I didn’t think twice.

I spent just under a week in the ‘Pearl of the Orient’ and was enthralled by my experiences there. The dramatic peaks and islands I saw as the train took me from Hong Kong airport to Central was a great first impression.

The opportunity in Hong Kong has already been shown by an outstanding first year of operations lead by Managing Director Adam Toctan and we have only scratched the surface, predominantly working within the Media, PR, Advertising and Marketing fields.

For decades Hong Kong has been attractive amongst expats seeking new challenges overseas. The cityscape is mesmerizing; the stunning backdrop of skyscrapers combined with rustic buildings of the 1960s all in front of lush green mountains give Hong Kong a unique and fascinating character.

Hong Kong is the gateway to China. It’s the financial center and business hub of the country; a super connector for global businesses interested in trading with China. Not only does Hong Kong present a wealth of opportunity, it also offers an exceptional lifestyle and extraordinary career development.

The weather, culture, nightlife and distance from beaches/mountainous regions are just a few of the reasons why Hong Kong appealed to me. The subtropical climate will be a massive change from the UAE and the rainy months will allow me to utilize a more diverse wardrobe! Will be very weird to put a jacket on in July!

I will be moving to Hong Kong from February 5th. My diary is already being filled with meetings and I’m looking forward to networking opportunities. Feel free to reach out if you are a job seeker or may be looking to hire in the coming year.

It will be sad to leave behind some great colleagues and friends, but the sadness is outweighed with my excitement of a new, exciting and flourishing country. Get ready Hong Kong, I’m coming for you!

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