Hello Tomorrow, Hello Singapore!

11th January 2018

I have been in Dubai for 4 years. They have been amazing. Why? Well, to start with, I came to Dubai to work for a great company, an ambitious company that delivered on every promise it made. I was employee number 4, and boy was it exciting.

MCG& Associates was already a well-known name in the communications sector, but we were focused on being number 1: the go-to-agency if you needed talent across Media, PR, Advertising and Marketing in the Middle East. We worked hard but it felt good, because we always had a clear vision and a focus on maintaining a great company culture – no matter what the size. And so we grew. On my second year we were 20 and by my third year we had opened offices in Hong Kong and London, and launched 3 more brands under the MCG& Group umbrella (Kemistry, Hopscotch and Ampersand).

MCG& is my work family and I thrive on watching it grow year after year. Now, I am leaving a city I consider home to expand our MCG& family into another amazing city: Singapore.

After 2 exploratory trips I knew I had to make the move. Let me tell you why.

Singapore has a lot in common with Dubai. All the things I came to love here are there; the safety, the drive to make things happen, the pursuit of excellence and the amazing cosmopolitan vibe. It is also a business hub for their region of the world, just as Dubai is for MENA.

Our Hong Kong office has smashed all their targets and has started to build our brand there in the same way we did in Dubai – delivering quality without compromising on our values as a business. Always putting people first. So that speaks volumes about the region and the business opportunities in this market.

I love a challenge and setting up this office means that we will be aiming to become the number 1 agency in Singapore, like MENA all over again. We have the know-how of our trade and our best practices have been put in place to service both clients and candidates at the highest levels.

New people! I can’t wait to meet my candidates and clients, and explore what makes them tick. Hopefully finding them new roles that will improve their career trajectory or finding them the talent that will help their businesses achieve their goals. I am a people person, and this is the ultimate people’s job.

And from a personal perspective, I can’t wait to immerse myself in a new culture. In four years in Dubai I have interacted and made friends with people from all over the world and for that, I believe I have become a better person. To have the opportunity of doing that again in SE Asia is simply phenomenal.

So, see you later Dubai. I will miss you dearly, but hello Singapore! I am looking forward to making you my home for the foreseeable future.

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