2017; Our first full year in APAC / Hello 2018!

2nd January 2018

It’s hard to think that 2017 was MCG& Associates first full year of operation in APAC; and I’m delighted to say that it has been a roaring success! Of course, we have had highs and lows, however the highs certainly outweigh the lows and the statistics speak for themselves.

Since January we have grown from a one-man band (myself) to a staff count of 4 (from February) and fully justified the opening of a 2-person operation in Singapore from the 5th February. We are proud to have placed from the world of creative, PR and communications, digital & tech, advertising and client side in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Singapore across 34 different clients within multiple sectors.

So what has 2017 taught us?

  1. Languages. There is a clear and present need for talent at all levels to speak a local dialect (Mandarin / Cantonese) to make it past the initial cut for many roles. It makes sense. China is a force to be reckoned with. If we believe the press China will overtake the US in terms of Super-Power status by 2024.
  2. Tech growth. Kind of a no brainer here. We are at present just scrapping the surface however it’s clear that we are witnessing a huge surge in the growth of the digital and tech space in Hong Kong, China, Singapore & beyond.
  3. Senior hires. Last Q saw a jump in senior placements; many of which we created from scratch with key clients. After spending a year getting to know what makes our key clients tick it helped us to create opportunities for talented individuals. A number of ‘Partner’ and ‘Managing Director’ roles were created in both Hong Kong and China.

What will 2018 bring us?

  1. ‘Less is more’ approach to our partner clients. MCG& want to build long lasting relationships with less clients and offer a quality over quality approach. We are keen to pair with businesses that see us as a key part of their strategy in 2018 and beyond, something that we see as key to developing a long lasting fruitful relationship.
  2. Area of focus? Creative, digital, PR & communications as well as marketing and campaign based agencies – at all levels; from interns through to MD/CEO level roles and everything in-between. 2018 will see MCG& expand on the growth of these sectors as well as introduce a wider client side offering to the exceptional talent we represent. We plan to develop the tech space as well as developing relationships within the world of media as well as to start to effectively sell the wider group services (Hopscotch & Ampersand) throughout Asia.
  3. Singapore! February 5th, 2018 welcomes MCG& much anticipated Singapore office launch. We have a General Manager and consultant in place who together, bring a wealth of knowledge to our Singapore office which will service the SEA region.

We have a modest ambition for MCG& Associates in the region; to become the most respected talent agency for the creative industry, and we all believe that’s more than achievable.

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