A Review of Q2 In London!

14th July 2017

Summer is starting to show itself as we see another quarter down already! I’m sure I’m not alone in saying this year is whizzing bye…

Not just the end of Q2 but also the half way mark! It’s been such an exciting time for me to set up MCG in London, we’ve had a great 6 months building the brand, speaking with talented candidates, and introducing MCG to a wealth of exciting clients!

Q2 was a recruitment rollercoaster we’ve seen it all this quarter…. the uncertainty, the drops outs, the offers, the counter offers, the joys and upsets!

April & May, were steady months, we had lots of live vacancies and high amount of traffic through LinkedIn. We partnered with a start up on multiple technical positions as well as helping well known agencies expand their teams.

During these past two months, most of our work was with branding and packaging agencies with lots of freelance requests too. It was a busy time trying to keep up with it all!

We had Justin & Alex over from Dubai a quick but productive visit. Reviewing the business model, meeting and entertaining clients and making a plan for June, overall a great few days.

June moved a little slower; we were on track to have our best month yet with over 30 live roles! All of which had lots of great cv’s sent out, which resulted in a high volume of interviews, however the process started to slow mid-end of June meaning July will be our best month yet!

We’ve successfully planned our first event, which is taking place in September partnering with International Creatives & Analog Folk for an evening of showcasing, talks and of course drinks! I’ll be releasing more information soon, so keep your eyes peeled!

I’m getting more and more candidates approach me about relocating. So I’ve been speaking to some great companies across Europe, there are so many clients screaming out for London talent to join their teams. This is going to be a huge focus for me over the next few months, so If you’re reading this and interested in either hiring out of London or exploring opportunities in Europe leave a comment and let’s arrange a chat!

The last 6 months has been a busy time, speaking with lots of new clients, approaching exciting start ups, and we’ve partnered with a world renowned digital agency to help grow their European offices.

I am very excited to be working towards launching Hopscotch in the UK, a unique platform focussing on making flexible work a reality for women and business whilst providing diversity advice, training, skills sessions and careers coaching.

We will also be bringing our new Learning and Development division &Knowledge to the UK offering the best tailored and online specialised marcoms training programs to both agencies and brand owners to enhance and improve skills and capabilities.

Moving forward we are going to grow the London office, with three people in place by the end of the year.

I look forward to updating you all on how quarter 3 goes, and seeing you in September for our summer closing event!

For more information on Hopscotch head to http://www.hopscotch.ae or drop me a line zena@mcg-associates.co.uk

For more information on &Knowledge contact nick@mcg-grp.com