Start-up and tech positions in demand in the Middle East

26th April 2017

We at MCG& have seen a rapid growth in our tech and start-up desk. Following on from my last blog summarising Q1 in Dubai, I was asked by clients and candidates if I could summarise the positions that are most in demand, so here it goes.

  • CTOs and Developers. With the increasing number of start-ups in Dubai, there is now big demand for quality engineers. Traditionally this was always out sourced to India, Egypt and Jordan. Now the gameplay has changed and the battle for talent in this space is intense and there is limited number of candidates. We, along with many other companies are aggressively looking out for creative developers who can keep business moving and evolving.  Developers such as iOS, Android, Full Stack, Web and Back-End are in high demand by all our clients and we’re contacting people in every corner of the globe enticing them to Dubai’s exciting star-up scene.
  • All tech startups are looking for solid marketing candidates, those that can get start-ups seen in the right place at the right time! As will most marketers in the region, Arabic is a premium and a solid understanding and pedigree in SEO.
  • Growth Hackers again are absolutely key to any start-up. I’ve worked in the region for 9 years and I’d say up until 5 years ago, not one existed in the region! Now however, they are worth their weight in gold and some of the skyrocketing growth rates that we have seen from successful international start-ups have been due to this. I have seen this myself when visiting and talking to our London office and hearing about the rapid success many start-ups have. Now in Dubai we’re getting requests from clients to search for these candidates and business such as Careem are putting such positions to use! Finding Growth Hackers is incredibly hard and will always (in my opinion) require an international search, but this will change quickly.
  • Product Managers – we have been inundated with Product Manager requests, pretty much all our e-commerce and tech clients are looking for versatile Product Managers who have and engineering background. It’s a very tough role as the right candidate has to have experience from strategy right through to development.

These are probably the most in-demand jobs our tech team are working on, but we also have a solid demand for Data Scientists and UX/UI Designers – we’re really very busy!

Get in touch with our Director Alex Jarvie or Consultant Pete Mackintosh if you would like to register as a candidate or a start-up looking for tech talent.

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