Looking back at London’s First Quarter

13th April 2017

Q1 is over already… crazy I know! Where have those 3 months gone? How are we in April already? How’s the market at the moment? How did you find the first quarter? How has it been setting up in London? These are all things I hear daily so I thought I’d round it up.

It was London’s first full quarter (woo!) – what an exciting one it’s been! I’ve been extremely
busy attending 35 client meetings, registering 50 new candidates, and planning our
International Creatives Event for the 8th of June which is being held at Analog Folk, more
details will follow soon – we hope you can attend!

Q1 has shown us how much of a candidate driven market London is, not to mention the high level of competition. Despite this, we managed to have a successful quarter, with lots of lessons learned. It has been a slow start to the year, which is to be expected in our first full months of business & setting up a new office in London. We have been focusing on our pipeline for Q2, ensuring we are making lots of contacts, meeting new candidates and having meaningful conversations which could lead to future business.

One of the biggest things we have learned over Q1 is that we need to work on getting MCG& a following in London, we need to get the brand out there, to achieve an outstanding reputation in line with the one we have in Dubai & Hong Kong.

We’ve had lots of exciting conversations with impressive start-ups across London, being a new company over here we can relate to the issues they can face. We have been working hard to come up with new ways to offer them a combined recruitment, on boarding and development service taking into consideration the rate at which they wish to grow and the funding they have available.

We will be launching a new product in 2017 in line with this, to work in in partnership with them – we are very much looking forward to working together and helping them grow!

I am confident Q2 is going to be even more successful, we are an extremely innovative
company, who are continuously developing and coming up with new ways to offer support
to our clients. This makes our new business discussions a conversation rather than a sell, as
clients can see MCG& aren’t just another recruitment agency, in fact we are SO much more
than that…

To summarise, Q1 was a great quarter, but Q2 is going to be outstanding! Watch this space!