What the Tech?

16th January 2017

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year (if it’s not too late to say that!) We hope that you all had a wonderful time with family, friends and loved ones. 2017 has finally arrived and like every new year, it will bring new challenges in many fields which will allow us to learn and grow even more.

Take start-ups for example, over the next ten years the number of digital technology companies in London is expected to rise to 45,000 and are creating enormous employment opportunities, accounting for 1.56m jobs across the UK.

In 2017 we will see a huge rise in tech start up opportunities even at a time when Brexit is creating a lot of uncertainty in the UK. In fact, we are already seeing some of the world’s biggest organisations pledge to create more jobs in the UK. In November, Google announced plans to open a new London head office that will result in 3,000 new jobs by 2020.

Facebook also revealed its intentions to open a new London headquarters in 2017 and consequently hire 500 more employees, including engineers, marketers, project managers and sales staff; increasing its headcount by 50 percent. Global investment firms have pledged to continue their support for the UK’s tech sector despite the vote to leave the EU, with many citing London as an important hub for future growth.

Another tech giant, SnapInc, the company behind Snapchat, which already has offices near Soho, will soon open a new site nearby which will act as its European base.

While we won’t know the full effects of Brexit until it actually happens, we do know that technology firms are not being put off from hiring talented workers, regardless of nationality. This tells us that in 2017 the tech recruitment sector is going to be a fruitful one. For as long as companies continue to grow and start-ups launch in the UK, we will see a massive increase in job opportunities.

However, it’s no secret that the tech sector and in particular the UK tech sector, has a skills gap. Demand completely outstrips supply and there’s a worry that we’ll never be able to plug the ever-widening hole within the industry. There’s a growing concern around a lack of skilled workers with knowledge of Python, Ruby, UIs, UX, data and security. The UK’s global competitiveness against US tech hubs is a particular area of apprehension. Average salaries for tech workers in London are substantially lower than in Silicon Valley and New York, which have salaries 38% and 35% higher, respectively, than the UK, which might have something to do with it!!

MCG Group has recently launched MCG Knowledge, which is a specialist arm of the group, that offers tailored learning and development programs to help talented people reach their full potential and create lasting change across your business.

Most employees have some weaknesses in their workplace skills. A training program allows you to identify & strengthen those skills that each employee needs to improve. A development program brings all employees to a higher level so they all have similar skills and knowledge, which in turn means employee satisfaction and morale as they feel invested in by the company, which creates higher staff retention and increased productivity. In times where innovative companies are popping up everywhere, nurturing and investing in the talent you already have is a great way to go!

We can expect to see advances in some of the most highly anticipated developments including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, more and more apps/services and virtual/augmented reality. But what’s key to making them all succeed is people! Technology depends on people with the creativity to come up with ideas and the expertise to build it (and make it work).

It’s going to be one hell of year for all things creative! As technology develops so do advertising campaigns. Everyone is trying to keep ahead of the curve and join in the latest trend, it’s a very exciting time for everyone!

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