In Conversation with: Nick Clements, CEO, BPG Bates

13th November 2016

Justin McGuire, CEO of MCG Group recently interviewed Nick Clements, CEO at BPG Bates. Nick talks about his life in the advertising industry and how “hard work and a sense of humour are key…”


What made you make the move into advertising?

Advertising was always my passion and I was lucky enough to secure my first agency job in London when I was 22. Since then I have been fortunate to build a career doing something I love, working with some of the best agencies and clients all over the world.


What attribute has made you succeed in business?

Hard work and a sense of humour are key but mostly it’s about being able to liberate and harness the extraordinary talents of those one works with.


How much has the industry changed since you started?

Beyond measure in terms of the way that we use technology, but the fundamental principles of how to translate insight and understanding into communication that builds brands are as true today as they always were.


Proudest moment?

Winning Gold at Cannes and D&AD pencils were obvious highlights but the real pride comes in helping clients to grow their business day in and day out.


Who has inspired you in the industry and why?

David Ogilvy was a great inspiration and his seminal work on Advertising still resonates as does his mantra ‘if it doesn’t sell it isn’t creative’.


What made you move to Dubai?

I was excited by the chance to work in this vibrant and dynamic city and enjoy the vision and variety that Dubai offers.


What career advice would you offer people looking to get into the industry?

Work super hard, never stop learning and remember that in this business the assets come in and out of the office everyday.

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