The diversity question...

7th November 2016

I heart advertising. Fact. However, let it be known that there are many more profitable sectors to recruit within. Here is the ugly truth, in the main the recruiter’s fee positively correlates to the salary achieved by the placed candidate. The salaries for the average advertising job really don’t hold up against the world of salaries within banking or legal. So why work with ‘ad folk’? Well because the people I meet are fantastic. Over the last 11 years I’ve found the ladies and gents of advertising (again in the main) are some of the most sincere, honest and interesting people you could ever hope to meet. Maybe it is a cliché but creatives are truly ‘nice’. I know that word is regularly dispensed, but if more people were nice blah blah blah you know where I am going with this so no need to further elaborate. However, nothing is perfect. Whilst recruiting in London between 2005-2009 as nice as everyone was they were all very similar; white, middle class and home counties. Ironically, many hiring senior managers would regularly bemoan the lack of diversity within their departments, but time and time again I was placing the same Clapham living kid in to the same senior manager’s department. It is what it is. I could go on a client visits and there would not be a black, brown, yellow, polka dot face within the entire agency! Even the really trendy East London agencies. Now in fairness I haven’t lived in London for over 7 years and my former colleagues tell me that agencies are a “little bit better now”, but that doesn’t inspire the most amount of faith. One of the many reasons why recruiting for creative agencies in the Middle East is so satisfying is I am placing talent from all over the world in to truly multi-cultural organisations. This year I have relocated creatives from South Africa, Philippines, Egypt, Chile, Great Britain, India, Australia, Spain, Germany, Jordan and Ireland! True diversity.

Now taking all of the above into account, imagine my delight when I read of how CHI & Partners decided to banish CVs from their recruitment process in a bid to encourage non-university graduates to enter their business. All applicants are to now face a list of the same creative questions. A genuine step in ensuring that kids born in to lower income families scared of the massive university debt can live out their creative dreams! CHI seem to have introduced a truly democratic way to hire talent. Read all about it…. it’s genuinely encouraging!

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