Moving to Asia?

8th September 2016

The Far East. The Land of The Rising Sun. Home of Kung Fu..? However you refer to Asia and the surrounding APAC market it makes for one of the most rewarding, dynamic, and exciting places to work and live. That’s why I for one am thrilled to be jetting off to Hong Kong in a couple of days to lead MCG Associates’ initiatives into what we know will be a busy and frantic market.

Why Asia you may ask? Asia, and for us with our Hong Kong office, has the reach to be able to work with some of the greatest talent on earth. That’s a wildly ambitious statement but something that I genuinely believe is true. With a rich cultural heritage and stunning scenery can you think of a better place to let the creative juices flow? Travelling to destinations that only seemed like a pipe dream from London are now on your doorstep. Vietnam in 1.5hrs anyone? From working in Hong Kong and understanding what makes creatives and suits tick has allowed us to understand more about why Asia is such a special place to work and live. The fact that there are enough restaurants in Hong Kong alone to dine out every night of the year for over 30 years; work in the city then go climbing in the mountains above Hong Kong harbour, or, if you feel slightly less active, jumping on a boat for around 4$ to get to one of the many islands and beaches that lay just 30 minutes away at the weekend. It’s there for the taking!

Hong Kong, Singapore, and other key cities in APAC offers expats a great introduction to the Asian way of life without having it so far diluted that you may as well have stayed at home. Where else can you think of working with world class brands and some of the brightest, youngest and most inspired talent at the forefront of their industry whilst being able to enjoy some of the benefits I’ve mentioned in your spare time?

Don’t just take my word for it. Simon Man is relocating from London to join a leading design agency in Singapore; just 3.5 hrs and in the same time zone as HK as a Senior Structural Designer.

“I was tired of the rat race in London and wanted a change of scene as well as wanting to keep my skill set at its best with a leading agency. Singapore is perfect for me as I get to work with some of the best in the business whilst being able to travel in my spare time and enjoy an active lifestyle outside – something that was so rare for me in London. I can’t wait!’

If you are the best of the best (client service or creative) and working at a leading PR, Media, Digital, Design, Integrated agency and are looking to learn more about making a move to APAC get in touch! I’d love to hear from you.


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