How do you know if you have done well in a job interview?

9th February 2016

You walk out of a job interview. You were prepared, you had done your research, you answered everything required – but really you have NO idea how you did. People often still second-guess themselves although it went really well. Often the interviewer is like a closed book – so it’s too hard to tell. “We will let you know” … what does that even mean? When? How? Tell Me now!

You then sit by your phone/laptop checking if you have been shortlisted for 2nd stage, if they have contacted you directly, or if the recruiter has heard anything. People often aren’t in any hurry here in the UAE, so people new to the region are often more impatient than those who have lived here a while. (You will get used to it!)

I am going to tell you a few things that can help you feel a little bit more positive about how your interview went.


You were in there for longer than expected

An interview is usually booked in-between other meetings. Nine times out of ten the interviewer is at a senior level, meaning their work hours are very valuable to them. If you are in there for longer than expected – you’ve done a good job. They were that interested that they made you a priority.

Also remember, that if you are in there for a lot less than the allocated time, then I hate to break it to you… but you probably haven’t got the job!


You don’t just meet one person

If during, or after the interview, the interviewer asks if you have time to meet other members of the team – this is a very good sign. It means that they want to see how you connect with co-workers, and it can also speed up the process along the line.
When you do meet these people, make sure you remember that you are still being interviewed, even if it’s a friendly chat none work related.


They ask when you are available to start and for references

This is always an amazing thing to be asked. If they weren’t interested in you working for them, they certainly wouldn’t ask for either. However, never make yourself too available. Give the interviewer a rough date – if you are immediately available, give yourself at least a week to get yourself prepared.


They mention salary expectations

If salary is mentioned, they are looking to hire you. This is a question you should be prepared for. If you have a recruiter representing you, always say that you would prefer that it went through them. If this isn’t the case, make sure you have done your research and know typical salaries for the company.


They close you

If all of the above is achieved, a next meeting is arranged and they then offer their contact details and ask you to send over any questions. I’d give yourself a pat on the back!

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Good Luck!


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