Would you Adam & Eve it?

18th January 2016

For months, no years, now I have been taking briefs from hiring department heads at agencies casually requesting a writer or an art director with “a TTL skill set”. Cue further questions to the hiring department head from myself such as, “does that include digital?” I am more often than not met with a “yes of course” or “yes I said TTL”. Now I’ve always thought my question a valid one and this is why; A lot of these same agencies have entire departments packed full with staff who have the prefix digital before their job title, thus creating the impression that digital stands alone – until now.

I am shocked / flabbergasted / agog / flummoxed (goodness me I know lots of words) that it has taken this long for an advertising agency to take this stance, sorry PUBLICLY take this stance, adopted by Adam and Eve. Cue applause as this clever little bit of PR makes Adam and Eve look really forward thinking. I don’t think we have to hold our breath waiting for other shops to follow their example.

Read the article here: Adam & Eve axes ‘digital’ from job titles

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