Why I love Dubai

20th December 2015

The first time I moved to Dubai was for a project that was supposed to last for two weeks and I ended up staying for a year. I loved living in Dubai as it’s really “Disneyland for grownups”, but I told myself that I needed to get back to “real life”, so eventually I moved back to Europe.

Four years later I came to visit some friends here in Dubai over Easter and realised what I was missing: eternal sunshine, beaches, brunches, camping, diving, etc. So when I got back to London, I decided to hand in my notice and move back to Dubai.

I always thought I wanted to end up in Sydney as I love the mix of big city and beach life. However, that was before I realised that I could have that in Dubai as well and it’s a lot more central and without big hairy spiders!

Dubai really has lots more to offer than shopping malls, skyscrapers and five star hotels. Due to the amazing weather, we are able to have BBQs in the garden more than once or twice a year and trust me, we do! We regularly drive to Fujairah or cross the boarder to Oman to go diving. We go quad-biking and camping in the desert and some of my friends even go Wakeboarding before work. I play in a beach volleyball league every week and as opposed to playing inside as I did in Europe, here we actually play on the beach.

Another thing I love about Dubai is the diversity of cultures. Alone in my beach volleyball team, we have 6 different nationalities and many more in the other teams. You can also pretty much get any kind of food that you want and after living in Dubai the first time for over a year not knowing, I discovered that some supermarkets even sell pork, so I don’t have to live without my beloved bacon or salami!

Of course you have to respect the local culture as well, but to be honest, back in Europe, I wouldn’t really walk around the mall or streets in hot-pants, anything too see-through or a bikini either. It’s about being respectful and pretty much just common sense.

So whenever people ask me how long I plan on staying in Dubai, my answer is always the same: Until I find a place where I can have a better life than here!

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