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15th December 2015

You would have to live on another planet to not have noticed that festive advertising is big business.

And where did it all start? Where else but Coca-Cola. Many moons ago &emdash pre-WW2 moons ago &emdash our beloved Father Christmas wore a green suit until the soft drink wielded it’s super-strong brand power to ‘redo’ Santa in a charming red hue. Once again in the early 1990s Coca-Cola started off the Christmas TV advertising phenomenon with the now famous ‘Holidays are coming’ campaign.

If coca-cola started the trend then other brands followed in full force – John Lewis, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s… the list goes on.

So in the spirit of Christmas I’d like to share my favourite with you. This shamelessly sensual Christmas food advert from British giant retailer kicked off the expression ‘food porn’ and you can all see why. No giggling at the back!

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Ho, ho, ho...

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