Reflections on 2015

9th December 2015

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen on this fine Wednesday, very close to the time many expats &emdash roughly 91 percent of our population here in the UAE enjoy a break either in their home country or here in the Emirates.

As the year comes to a close, it’s always a good time for all businesses and individual employees to reflect on how they feel the year went. I can imagine that if you’ve been working in Oil and Gas for example, it may not have been all rosy, unless you’ve kept hold of a senior position in a strong organisation. That’s a real shame for many, seeing as you came to this part of the world to invest for your future and make a difference to your life.

The tourism, hospitality and retail sectors have seen a slight downturn with less Chinese and Russian investors and tourists visiting the region. We’ve also seen some turbulence in the world, with the Paris attack, potentially making people slightly nervous about this region – Please don’t let these hinder your chances or change your thoughts about moving to the GCC.

These are the only real negatives in the GCC market at the moment; we at MCG, and myself as a PR and Marketing recruiter, have been very busy this year and have been working on more positions in different booming sectors in Dubai.

My main sectors have been real estate, healthcare and technology with education to follow next year.

So what does this mean to us as people living in Dubai? Companies are getting smarter, investing heavily in new technology and catching up with more advanced markets in the world. More and more specialists are leaving highly taxed countries to be a part of a tax free society where the sun shines every day and weekends always feel like a holiday, and yes it’s true!

Commercial and residential real estate is increasing, one of our largest clients is doubling in size across the Middle-East in the next 5 years and looking to penetrate markets such as Europe and Asia. Our largest education client is building 10 new schools next year… The region is still growing at a rapid rate!

Following the growth of population brings a need for better healthcare, ensuring each expat and UAE national is supported by the best doctors etc. in the world. It’s now a legality in Dubai, that everyone has to have medical insurance, paid for in full by the company.

But what does that mean for us? Arabic speaking and writing specialists in both PR and Marketing who specialise in either field are the strongest commodity in the market place at present; so please, if you’re thinking of making the move to Dubai, do let me know!

Expats from a strong market, who specialise in these sectors, are the second strongest commodity. The skill-sets in this region are becoming a lot more advanced in our market and a lot of specialists I’m sure will be making to move in 2016.

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