A love for Strategy

1st October 2015

So this is my first time writing an official blog and having come from a corporate driven recruitment career, its refreshing to finally show off my personality! It’s coming up to the end of my first month with MCG and it’s been all guns blazing with client side marketing and communications positions.

Having been in recruitment since I graduated, I guess what I really enjoy is building solid relationships with candidates and clients, as well as appreciating potential candidates profitable value within an organization. MCG were a main competitor of mine for a year in Dubai and while I was looking at them as the competition, it was clear that they had an excellent digital and social media presence in both branding themselves and on the positions they specialised in placing. This was a major selling point for me given the abundance of my clients pushing for digital requirements within their team.

I’m working with Justin, Josh and Tom who come from marketing, PR and advertising backgrounds, so its been a real learning curve for me. They have an excellent insight into the market, as these guys have really got their hands dirty in the field! While all of us here are rushed off our feet, one thing MCG consultants will never lack is personality and humour which is encouraged to flourish in our MarComs and PR street smart team.

So how is client side marketing and communications doing? Busy!

Strategy seems to be the buzz word at the moment. I’ve often had to sit down to brainstorm and turn the ideas into something real for my clients by providing them with strategists to essentially design holistic corporate communication strategies. Professionals with responsibility for the formulation and implementation of a strategy are now seen as a desirable niche. Strategist is increasingly applied as an adjective, be it Communications Strategists, Marketing Strategists, Brand Strategist; I love strategists! So if you’re a strategist from a management consultancy with some client side experience at a top tier level I’d be interested in speaking to you!

Keep tuned in for more to come folks!

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