Digital recruiment Dubai

22nd June 2015

It’s a very exciting time for the MCG digital recruitment division. Since joining, I am delighted to say that we have continued to build our team of experienced specialist consultants to take MCG to the next level. We have seen a significant increase in digital focused requirements in the last six months and we are confident this will continue to grow. A lot of the companies we are currently working with have come to us for their first digital hires. One of the most notable differences in the recruitment process for digital compared to other sectors however, is the length of time it can take to make a decision.

Internal factors for clients include limited experience within the company to make an informed decision; when companies are making their first digital hire, they may not have in-house knowledge to make an informed decision, which can lead to the client seeing a number of candidates to understand the talent in the market. The interviewing stages can also take longer by involving a number of people in the interviewing process and in some cases the wrong people. Some companies just don’t have a clear idea of what they are looking for and through meeting candidates their requirements can change. The process can ultimately be a learning curve. The risk of this slow hiring process is not only loosing candidates to the competition, but also the impact to the business by not having the right person in place and the negative image that can be portrayed to potential candidates.

There are a number of ways to speed up the recruitment process. One method MCG has adopted is attaining references; where typically references are checked at the end of the process, MCG now take previous employer references before submission of candidates and provide this as a supporting document. Another area where MCG have worked with clients a lot recently, is developing a clear job description. Having a thorough job description will help recruiters or internal human resources to filter candidates and ultimately lead to finding the best fit for first round interviews.

Digital is known to be fast, responsive and effective and the recruitment process will hopefully soon reflect this.

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