An ever-evolving market pt2

16th June 2015

After writing my first article six months ago, giving my opinion on the Dubai market, how I felt it had developed since I had been here and how I’d like to see it further develop moving forward, I thought I’d let you know how things have progressed here in the region six months later.

The main point I wanted my clients to be more open to firstly, was relocating people here that hadn’t worked in Dubai before. I had a strong feeling and sense that this wouldn’t happen overnight, but was hoping that both PR agencies and also client side marketing companies would start to become more open minded towards relocation and also bringing in specialists from other markets.

This has, in fact, progressed from where we were in January, especially in the healthcare sector. I’ve been able to relocate three different candidates at different levels, both from London and other GCC countries. Figures show that healthcare is the fastest growing industry in Dubai. In order for products to be marketed and communicated to the segmented target markets effectively the region is much better off recruiting people who have developed this skillset in a more mature market and letting them build knowledge of Dubai’s local and expat world. I will come back to you in six months’ time when I’ve taken feedback from clients and evaluated the success of each individual candidate.

I predicted that Digital, Advertising and PR would start to merge and agencies would be offering a full 360 degree service to their clients. We’re now starting to see the first steps towards this model by leading agencies. I predict that six months from now this will start to mirror the London model, where by you will have creatives and strategists coming from an advertising background into PR agencies and changing the ways the consumer views digital PR and advertising. Brands will become far more interactive and will be able to give the consumer a deep insight and understanding of its brand’s values and meaning. This will hopefully give the brand an easier and more sympathetic way of playing with people’s emotions. I’ve always had the belief that it’s the emotion someone feels towards a brand that gives the true ‘attachment’ feeling. Emotional and interesting scripts/writing and exciting videography really aids with the development of such feelings.

The Marketing desk at MCG has increased ten folds, we’re really busy, working on exciting new positions for great, market leading companies. Please get in touch if you work in marketing and are open to looking at a change/ new challenge. MCG are always open to speaking to talented individuals at all levels.

If you’re a perspective client reading this, I’m always available for a coffee to discuss MCG, the industry, my skills and experiences and how we can work with you to find you the region’s best talent. I’ve been really impressed by the amount of new clients approaching MCG to work with them and I hope they have been just as impressed with us.

On a final note, the Qatari market has remained buoyant for MCG, which should see a new office opening up at the end of 2015; watch this space!

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