From Dubai with love

4th June 2015

Before moving to the UAE to work for MCG Associates recruiting for digital jobs in Dubai, I started my career in London working for an international digital media company working in media sales, from where I moved into recruitment placing accountants. I’ve enjoyed the transition period from moving out of the accountancy world and moving back into the vibrant and exciting digital and media sector. I’ve relished speaking to candidates about their work and the type of clients they worked with; Pepsi and Emirates being great examples!

From my time here in Dubai it’s clear that the market is very buoyant and there are opportunities for everyone to grow and develop their careers.

I’ve noticed that whilst the market has plenty of talent on the ground, there are still areas of the market that cannot be sustained organically and I very much enjoy bringing in new talent from around the world to work here in the MENA region.

Regardless of being very new to Dubai and to MCG Associates, I feel more at home than ever. I’ve really concentrated on developing the media and digital sales sector for MCG as it’s an area that I relate to and enjoy. Best of all I get to meet people very similar to me!

I’ve moved into the Digital and Media team with two other experienced consultants; I’ve been lucky enough to pick their brains and ask them as many questions as I can (probably too many!). We’ve already formed a formidable team and they welcomed me with open arms. Now I need to show them what I can do.

The market here in Dubai moves quicker than in the UK and I still have to get used to feeling like I’m standing in front of a hair dryer when I go outside, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons and I would strongly recommend moving to Dubai.

My days of going on the London Underground every morning and evening are over! I now live next to the beach, have a gym and swimming pool in my building, the sun always shines and I don’t pay taxes!

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