Reward the award

25th January 2015

Since 2012 the MENA advertising industry has been paying much more attention and dedication to the winning of prestigious awards. The powerhouse agencies of this region such as Leo Burnett, BBDO, Ogilvy and Y&R are now globally recognised and respected with plenty of awards to their name.

We hear from our clients that the plan for 2015 is to actually make award winning creative ideas part of an agency’s daily life and not just simply integrated and pushed out prior to the annual award season.

From a recruiters perspective the search, hunt or even the demand from clients for super creative talent with that extra something is going to aggressively increase in 2015.

Agencies are looking to wow clients with a fresh approach and with talent from across the globe. The hope in 2015 is that the clients themselves want and indeed appreciate something special and different, in 2014 this was still a challenge for many creatives!

I believe that in 2015 MENA agencies will want to further enhance and develop their creativity as a product, an award-winning product. The region’s festivals are of huge importance to all, but it’s acknowledged that the standard at these awards needs to greatly improve. Awards such as Lynx are excellent, but Cannes is perfection.

The whole industry needs to step up and shake up its game and this will start with us recruiters providing our clients with outstanding creative minds.

Last year, the Cannes Festival established the era of storytelling…that has led us to hunt for creatives with these special skills. Talented creatives capable of entertaining and developing not only a product’s story, but the consumer’s story too!

This tone set by Cannes Lion 2014 will most likely be continued at this year’s festival. The industry is aiming to change consumer behavior through storytelling; it’s simply not just about selling anymore…

Though the search for award winning creatives from abroad will prevail, the demand for award winning creatives (especially Arabic) within this region is also going to increase this year.

Something else to look out for in 2015… media agencies are now actively on the hunt for creatives! The new trend is for media agencies to hire award winning creatives who can raise the agency’s delivery to the client and allow them to stand out from competitors….PR agencies are also wising up to this game too. The search for that talented creative has never been more exciting and competitive…

Remember, awards are not an exception anymore, or a tendency, it’s an expectation. It’s here, it’s not the future, it’s the present. Everyone needs to get ready to reward the awards.

DMCG Global Network Offices