The ever-expanding Events world

23rd January 2015

Over the past year, and especially since Dubai secured the EXPO 2020, things have significantly changed for the events & hospitality industry in the region, which is now rapidly evolving and developing every day.

Let’s look at the bare facts: in 2014, over 68 million passengers passed through Dubai International Airport, making it the world’s busiest for international passenger traffic. The city is a successful tourist destination, a natural business hub and as a consequence, a melting pot for the events and hospitality industries. Hotels in Dubai are operating at an 80 percent occupancy rate and growing, with a high demand for new hotels to be built and a plethora of recognised brands and restaurants popping up every week. Well known global nightclubs, restaurants and beach bars, including Movida, Nobu and Blue Marlin Ibiza UAE now stand as some of the most popular venues in the region.

In the hospitality market, skilled and senior level staff are in high demand – and, us event recruitment specialists, are moving people from all corners of the globe with top level professional standards to luxury resorts in Dubai.

As the events industry grows, the requirement for talent is becoming increasingly high. World-class event directors, producers and production staff are looking at Dubai as a go to work destination and our clients, both from a client and agency perspective, are asking us to search far and wide for top talent. Whilst the preference is for Arabic talent, the demand is outstripping the supply. Regional experience is always at a premium, but again the lack of talent on the ground can cause delays in hiring for clients who demand this.

Another interesting development in the events sector is that advertising agencies have rapidly started to branch out and build their own in-house production and event capabilities, pulling resources in-house to not only save money on costs, but to also offer clients added value, providing full 360 degree support to the client and the “brand experience” connecting the brands to the people.

The exhibitions industry contributes five percent to Dubai’s economy and will keep growing, meaning demand will eventually exceed the physical space. Therefore, we are excited to welcome the new Expo Centre that will provide 438 hectors of space!

Following the theme of EXPO 2020 – “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future” I hope to be the person to provide fantastic talent to the events and hospitality sectors in 2015!

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