Am I going to call you?

21st January 2015

We have all read the predictions, 2015 will be a year of many challenges and opportunities for the MENA region. Economic caution and digital/mobile penetration are key words. I also see Media Agencies working closer and hand in hand with their creative counterparts, just like the days of old.

I want to talk about media (supplier and agency), but more specifically I want to talk (or write) about who will be working in media, and by this I mean, what are the profiles that agencies will be desperately looking to hire?

Two words we recruiters will be hearing lots of this year are ‘integrated’ and ‘hybrid’, which again is further proof that when a specific structure or model needs changing, it inevitably falls back to it’s original concept. No more separation between offline and digital, why? Simply because the audience is not divided between the two, they are exposed to both 24/7.

We can all see that data and analytics will be a key focus for 2015. With reduced budgets and mobile technology (smartphones and wearable technology) playing an ever increasing important role in the media landscape, brands are paying a particular interest in how they can reach their future customer by predicting his/her behavior. To sum it up… targeted media that leads to a better ROI, all made possible due to the outrageous amount of information we consumers are willingly displaying online!

You get the picture right? It’s all about multi-taskers that grasp the many different ways to reach you (the consumer), the mathematical prodigies that can predict next week you will want to buy a new phone, and the very relevant adverts that will inevitably follow those predictions, courtesy of the ever expanding RTB platforms.

If you were paying attention to what was happening in 2014, this will not come as a surprise, but while in 2014 there was a lot of talk, 2015 should be more about action, and this becoming very real.

If you fit one of the two profiles I discussed above, be assured, you will receive a call from me.

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